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Crypto & CFD’s Trading and Investment Academy (CCTIA) is an online academy that specializes in providing educational content about Crypto & CFD’s. Crypto & CFD’s as a digital currency, gives you full control over your finances without a third-party institution such as banks. Crypto & CFD’s are profitable business to invest in with little investment capital, the profit of such investment comes from trading of Crypto & CFD’s pairs or holding some sets of cryptocurrencies till they appreciate in value. Advantage of trading cryptocurrency is; its market operation runs 24/7.

At CCTIA (Crypto & CFD’s Trading and Investment Academy), we provide you with detailed courses about Crypto & CFD’s Trading and Investment, give answers to clear your doubt, provide you with daily trading signal and give you the opportunity to Copy-Trade. As a newbie, you will be making money as you learn from this life time opportunity.

The operation of Crypto & CFD’s trading and Investment can be done using your smart phone, in other words, your smart phone makes you more money anywhere you are, if only you have internet access.

Take advantage of this life changing opportunity to gain financial freedom.

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What CCTIA Offers

  • CCTIA offers full course content about Crypto & CFD’s trading and investment
  • Provides an online community where members interact
  • Provides daily trading signals of Crypto & CFD’s pairs
  • Provides relevant content about Crypto & CFD’s.
  • Gives you the opportunity to Copy-Trade.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to CFD’s
  • Requirements
  • Trusted Exchange/Broker Platforms
  • Funding of Wallets
  • Transfer/Swap of Cryptocurrency
  • Setting Price Alert
  • Cryptocurrency Trading /Investment
  • CFD’s Trading/Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Trading Specialty
  • Funds withdrawal /Backup


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WARNING: CCTIA provides educational content and signal on Crypto & CFD’s. Beware of scammers who promise huge returns while investing with them. With our platform, you are in full control of your funds through your preferred Crypto & CFD’s wallet.  

RISK WARNING: Always invest what you can afford to lose and withdraw profits at periodic intervals. Crypto & CFD’s are highly volatile.