• Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to CFD’s
  • Requirements
  • Trusted Exchange/Broker Platforms
  • Funding of Wallets
  • Transfer/Swap of Cryptocurrency
  • Setting  Price Alert

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Lesson 1

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

  • Overview
  • Centralized and Decentralized systems
  • Factors to consider before trading and investment
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency

Lesson 2

Introduction to CFD’s

  • Overview
  • Key products

Lesson 3


  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Trading/Investment tools
  • Trading Rules
  • 10 Reasons Most Traders Loss Money (Common Trading Errors)

Lesson 4

Trusted Exchange Platforms

  • Cryptocurrency – Exchange
  • CFD’s – Brokers

Lesson 5

Funding of Wallet

  • Crypto funding
  • CFD’s funding

Lesson 6

Transfer / Swap Cryptocurrency

  • Method one: Transfer cryptocurrency to another user (External transfer)
  • Method two: Transfer cryptocurrency from one wallet to another (internal transfer)
  • Swap of cryptocurrency

Lesson 7

Setting Price Alert

  • Method One: Exchange Platform
  • Method Two: Market Analysis Tool

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